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Dynamic Speakers

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Kurt Rainbow (August 2, 2004): Camber has generally made excellent speakers. They were originally based in Montreal and then moved to Ontario. Suggested is that they are as good as the better known Canadian speakers such as Energy Paradigm. They were routinely used by CBC radio as Studio monitors.

Jim McEnroe (July 12, 2005): Camber speakers were originally called "Rega" and were made by Edon (founders Ed and Don) Acoustics in Ottawa. Edon Acoustics was a distributor of audio products back then (Rega, Meridian...). They also owned a store called Studio Sound in Ottowa.

When they tried to penetrate the US market, the American Rega distributor objected vigourously to Rega UK about this product not being Rega designed or built, hence it shouldn't carry the Rega name in the US. In the early 80's, Rega had no plans to design and build speakers. They did enter the loudspeaker market at a much later date. That's when they changed the name to Camber. They could then build their own network of dealers across the border. This simply avoided the possibility of a lawsuit. Eventually, Edon sold their interests in the Camber line of products to a company based in Montreal. I then lost track of what happened as I was out of audio by then !

The company was aligned with Plateau...and that company was named Plateau-Camber

2007 Camber has been out of the speaker business now for almost 20 years (maybe 15) Saul Haboucha, Alan devantier and Pedro packed it in.

Frank Lee (November 15, 2015): The Rega line of speakers was developed in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with the help of Floyd E. Toole at the NRC sound laboratory. They were made in Ottawa by Edon Acoustics, the Canadian distributor of Rega turntables. They wanted to use a recognized name on their new speakers, so they worked a deal with Rega to use the name in Canada only. The speakers were so good that they soon received inquiries from distributors in other countries. Because the licensing of the Rega name was for Canada only, they changed the name to Rega Camber, then to Camber.

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