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Buttkicker web site (July 21, 2009): ButtKicker brand low frequency audio transducers are musically accurate, powerful, virtually indestructible and patented linear transducers, which recreate amplified audio signals in the feeling range. They are similar to loudspeakers, but instead of moving a cone, and transferring sound waves through the air, they attache to seats, floors, platforms, etc, and send low frequency sound directly into the listener's body. The effect is amazing.

It takes two senses to perceive full range sound. We hear sound, but we also feel sound, especially low frequency. Traditionally, it has taken big speakers, moving tremendous amounts of air, to feel the low frequency of sound. People like loud concerts because they want to feel the sound pressure in their bodies.

However, ButtKicker transducers reproduce the feeling range of audio in a more direct way than through air. The perception is actually better and sound pressure disappears. When using headphones, for example, with ButtKicker brand transducers, the listener perceives powerful, musically accurate, concert-level audio, but no one else hears anything. The sound is completely isolated to the listener.

This becomes very interesting for music monitoring and recording studios. Over one hundred of the top touring bands use ButtKicker products for stage monitoring because of the complete control they give them over their mix and sound level, without sacrificing any quality. Most musicians tell us immediately that they hear better and play better when using ButtKicker transducers.

In a recording studio, ButtKicker transducers allow for low volume, incredible isolation.. and, because the they were designed to be musically accurate, to fractions of frequencies, studio engineers are finding that their mixes are coming out tighter, cleaner and better balanced.

Music writers, producers and studio musicians who do soundtrack work for commercial companies and stage show producers, in large commercial facilities or smaller home studios are beginning to rely on ButtKicker brand low frequency audio transducers to check the accuracy of their mixes.


Buttkicker web site (July 21, 2009): The Guitammer Company was founded in 1990 by Ken McCaw, an accomplished musician, composer and producer, in order to commercialize a patented guitar accessory called the Hammer Jammer.

The name, "Guitammer" is a conjunction of "guitar" and "hammer" and is pronounced, "git-ammer."

ButtKicker® brand low frequency audio transducers were developed to solve a problem Ken (a bass player) and his drummer had. They wanted to be able to feel the low end without turning the stage monitors up so loud that it disturbed the rest of the band.

Joining forces with Marvin Clamme, former sound engineer for Tom Jones and Merle Haggard, Ken and Marvin developed the original ButtKicker transducer prototypes in 1994.

After several years of product development, a patent was granted for this new type of magnetically suspended transducer and ButtKicker brand low frequency audio transducers began to be commercialized.

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