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TAC (July 29, 2009): The web site at the address appears to be offline since January 2006. Any info would be highly appreciated.

TAC (July 29, 2003): Buggtussel, LLC. designs and assembles high quality loudspeakers and associated equipment for home audio and home theater applications. Our extended history encompasses many facets of music, live and reproduced. Chief engineer, Dr. Kevin Blair, began producing custom loudspeaker systems in 1979, although, his musical involvement goes much deeper. Blair was introduced in the world of live and recorded music even before his birth, his father being a violinist and student of recorded music (audiophile). Trained in piano and voice, Blair migrated slowly to the other end of the microphone. 1981 saw the beginning of his mobile recording studio, dedicated to the preservation of live music and nature sounds, utilizing both conventional and binaural techniques. In 1985, Buggtussel initiated its foray into instrumentation development, leading to, among many things, a transducer utilized in the ground breaking POSDAM (POSition Dependent Amplitude Modulation) analysis of driver dynamic linearity and symmetry (Ziemba, JAES preprint 5024 H-5, 1999). With in-house facilities for the construction of cabinets and the evaluation of driver and crossover design, indeed, system integration, Buggtussel, LLC. is not constrained to the limitations of suppliers. This self sufficiency enables Buggtussel, LLC. to provide to the music lover for the first time, hand-made in the USA, Cephalic loudspeakers.

Traditionally, transmission line designs are labyrinthine tubes stuffed with damping material. The tube's length is 1/4l of the woofer's free air resonance and the damping material is intended to absorb the woofer's rear wave and reduce tube ringing. Unfortunately, tuning from such a limited data set yields unpredictable thus, unsatisfactory results. Now, through the judicious application of modern electro-acoustical filter theory to the real life mechanics of driver, cabinet, and labyrinth reactances, the theoretical advantages of transmission line loading are realized in q-TSAL (quasi-Thiele/Small Actuated Labyrinth) without the unpredictable sonic limitations of primitive 1/4l based designs.

All Cephalic loudspeakers wield Aual, our Viscous-Gold damped metal dome tweeter. The unique geometry, material science and damping of this dipolic tweeter eliminates the non-minimum phase diaphragm anomalies of soft dome tweeters and the harshness common to monozygotic metal dome tweeters. Its unique rear wave loading complements its openess, being approached only by the best electrostatic and ribbon tweeters. Floor standing cabinets are supported and coupled firmly to the floor by Power Paws. Power Paws are solid brass, machined to a truncated inverted pyramid making them safe for wood, marble, tile or any other surface. Power Paws are fully adjustable allowing for the correct leveling of the cabinets on any surface.

Buggtussel cabinet design demands the utmost in construction and finish quality. Towards this end, only hardwood fiber board is used for cabinetry. Although more expensive and harder to machine than lesser MDF or particle board, the improved sonic stability is well worth the effort. Reactive, 100% solids adhesives are utilized to fasten the complex joinery and cross bracing, eliminating the possibility of joint voids and their resultant mechanical impedance mismatches. Grill frames are mounted magnetically, thus no sign of mountings are visible on the cabinet when the grills are removed for optimal listening. All construction and finishing is accomplished in our wood shops for maximum quality control.

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