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Dynamic Speakers

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Brentworth Sound Lab web site (January 2004): Welcome to Brentworth Sound Lab where we offer you a new approach to reproducing music in the home. A clean slate was used in conception, design and production of a fine musical instrument. This enabled us to solve the three major problems plaguing conventional loudspeakers. The result will take you closer than you have ever thought possible to that elusive live performance.

Brentworth Sound Lab's loudspeakers are crossoverless. Removal of the crossover eliminates phase & group delay distortion and delivers a musical performance that has every nuance preserved. The use of full range dynamic drivers along with Brentworth's proprietary loading system enables our speakers to deliver very high efficiencies starting at 100db @ 1 watt along with a flat impedance curve that is very easy to drive. With this kind of efficiency any amplifier can provide a satisfying performance, including low power single-ended designs.

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