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Bohlender Graebener web site (April 2004): Bohlender-Graebener's unique planar ribbon technology is only as good as its quality of manufacture. We are proud to provide the following insight on the quality of our materials, manufacturing processes, testing, and unwavering standards of production.

BG planar drivers manufactured at our Carson City, Nevada facility begin with fabricated steel frames, built to exacting tolerances using custom dies and punches. The components are 100% inspected to ensure the highest quality of each individual part as well as the finished product itself. Engineering and prototyping are all done in-house utilizing our comprehensive wood and metal shops.

Using state-of-the-art adhesives and powder coating, BG planar drivers are then assembled, using our proprietary manufacturing process that ensures precise tensioning and securing of the planar film in the speaker. We employ 100% Quality Assurance on all our drivers, including impedance and 'buzz' tests, as well as frequency response. Highly trained BG technicians inspect every single component before it is used in a Bohlender-Graebener product. Process sheets and written standards are used at every station to ensure product quality and consistency. This in-house assembly allows for close monitoring of all aspects of production, resulting in the high quality that our discriminating customers demand.

The In-wall Radia enclosures, utilizing aluminum and steel construction, are drilled and milled in-house and then powder coated inside and out. The completed speaker, employing our proprietary drivers, is assembled and then tested a second time for buzz and frequency response. The crossovers feature product specific custom manufactured circuit boards and contain only the highest quality components. Each product is assigned a serial numbered and specific information is archived for future reference

Bohlender-Graebener Corporation is committed to the finest quality possible. To that end, we continue to make ongoing refinements in our design, testing, quality assurance, and manufacturing processes.


Bohlender Graebener web site (December 2003): The Planar Magnetic Loudspeaker is an evolution of ribbon based designs that were first conceived in the 1930s. However due to limitations in materials and manufacturing techniques, it's true potential has only recently been realized. Previous designs were too costly due to complex assembly requirements, or too unreliable due to inadequacies in materials or manufacturing processes.

Bohlender-Graebener Corporation was founded in 1994 with the goal of becoming the world's leading source of planar-magnetic loudspeakers for Home Theater, Stereo, and Professional applications. Over the past decade, BG has actively engaged in research on solving important problems associated with the construction of permanent-magnetic planar loudspeaker systems.

The Company developed proprietary manufacturing processes that ensure precise tensioning and securing of the planar film in the speaker. As a result, our loudspeakers now deliver unmatched clarity, dynamic range, extremely low distortion, and reliability. Award-winning BG Radia, Z, and PD Series products are critically acclaimed and represent outstanding value at every price point.

Today BG Corp, based in Carson City, Nevada, is widely regarded as the world leader in planar loudspeaker technology. BG products are marketed throughout the world for use in stereo, home theater, custom installation and a variety of professional applications.

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