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Solid State Amplifiers

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John Bedini (November 2002): The new series of amplifiers are the Classics and the Vintage series. These include the Kt88 mono blocks and the 25/25 mono blocks, 100/100 mono blocks all in Vintage packaging. The Bedini Electronics Company continues to this day repairing and building the new line of amplifiers.

John Bedini's Amplifier Pages (November 2002): Bedini is currently remodeling his building to build the Vintage amplifier series. Bedini has been asked to produce a amplifier that is affordable in price for the public, keeping the sound quality to the highest standards. John Bedini has been working around the clock to bring the very best sounding amplifier to market. John and Gary do all the listening testing as the pro-type amplifiers are put together,

He has said that these amplifiers are going to compete with amplifiers costing five times the price and out perform them, and from what we have seen and heard he has got the answer and the sound to do it. John for years has developed sound processing equipment for the recording studios, BASE is a example of that on most of the CD that are recorded to this day. B.A.S.E. stands for Bedini Audio Special Environment . The process was used on movies like Star Trek, Hunt For Red October, and many others to list here. Stay tuned more coming.

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