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Dynamic Speakers

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Backes and Mueller web site (December 29, 2009): Active speakers are unfamiliar with problems such as loss of power, impedance, faulty crossover information, and incorrect phasing. The amplifier-chassis ratio is superb: more actual amplifier power is available, the impulse processing is faster and the dynamics are higher. All of this has been made possible with the active control intelligence.A sensor system permanently compares the membrane movements to the values that the current acoustic signals require. If any differences occur, the membrane movement is corrected.

Backes&Mueller uses two different kinds of inverse feedback principles: inductive and capacitive. An intelligent electronic protection switches off the complete system in case of an overload. The electronic BM crossover separates the acoustic signal paths into the respective frequencies and allocates them to the amplifiers. Every single amplifier drives a chassis that is optimized for this frequency range.

All these components are indispensable for an optimum music reproduction and have been mounted to a big heat sink, the so called electronic unit.The controlling and surveillance of all functions (for example switching on/off, differentiated fault diagnosis, digital level programming) is processed in a microcontroller. These items are indicated at a matrix display on the front panel of each loudspeaker.


Backes and Mueller web site (December 29, 2009): As Backes & Mueller mid-70s, active speakers began to build, for technical reasons were decisive, which also have still to be valid. Of course, it is simpler to build a passive box - it promises not least through the saving of the entire amplifier electronics a much higher profit margin. Nevertheless, there is no alternative if we want to improve the system speakers.

Selected chassis, selected components for the electronics, a circuit design in which the two are aligned, and the shortest line paths are guaranteed to achieve the most precise and direct conversion of the music signal into sound. In conjunction with the B & M's own legendary, dynamic Auslenkungsregelung "DMC", which produces an accurate tracking of the diaphragm movement to the music signal to get B & M boxes exactly the music experience into the living room at home, the sound engineers and producers in meticulous detail for You have captured. Dynamic, vibrant and honest you will hardly be able to enjoy music. In precisely this quality is based on the long tradition of Backes & Mueller, who has already survived so many trends and fashion tastes. Thus, runs well over the years a word through all the tests and product reviews: musicality.

In this tradition, we continue to innovate and be vorausschreiten in the age of DVD and SACD completely justified by our claim of innovative development of musical neutrality. BM-DMC Dynamic Movement Control - DMC

The task of sounding is to convert the adjacent electrical signal into sound energy. Ideally, he does this "linear", ie without change of tone, physically speaking, the membrane is exactly in the rhythm of the electrical signal.

This, however, succeeds only partially, as for example The membrane has a weight that is working against the acceleration of the membrane mass. Similarly, the Membraneinspannung affects the symmetry of the diaphragm movement. Even if that were to play everything no matter shall be subject to any notes to an aging process that can soften the rubber surround, etc. Backes & Mueller has been 25 years ago developed a method to meet all of these weaknesses have to - the DMC This movement through the membrane sensor recorded and compared with the electrical signal. Differences between the radiated acoustic and electric input can be corrected by the electronics immediately. This ensures that the radiated sound exactly reflect what was contained in the music signal. Basses are accurately and dry because a ringing of the membrane prevents the mids and highs sounded precise and clear. You can hear the pure music and not your box!

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