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BIB web site (July 23, 2009): B-Tech International is a global leader in the design and manufacture of mounting solutions for audio and video solutions. Founded in London, England (est. 1972), B-Tech has grown from a generic audio video distributor operating in South East London to an original design manufacturer with office locations and distribution centers spanning the world. The B-Tech product range includes mounting solutions for flat panel displays such as LCD and plasma screens, projectors, loudspeakers as well as the traditional CRT tube televisions. B-Techs range of audio video mounts can be classified into two categories: Consumer and Professional.

The B-Tech product range includes mounting solutions for flat panel displays such as LCD and plasma screens, projectors, loudspeakers as well as the traditional CRT tube televisions. B-Techs range of audio video mounts can be classified into two categories: retail and professional. For the retail market B-Tech has a full range of products available in attractive full color packaging, all designed to be easily installed by the end consumer. For the professional market, B-Tech has a comprehensive range of products including a flexible modular range known as System 2. These are based on a diameter pipe system and allow the installer to wall and ceiling mount audio video equipment in an almost infinite number of ways.

B-Techs Professional Range has been used in numerous locations worldwide such as sports stadia, airports, hotels, schools, offices and custom home installations. In addition to these, B-Tech also has a range of professional interconnect cables and the BIB range of audio video care and cleaning accessories.

All products are designed in the UK by a skilled team of engineers to meet market demands. The range of audio video mounts use heavy gauge steel and are designed to make installation simple and quick. Strict safety standards as laid out by bodies such as UL/CSA and GS/TUV are adhered to, and B-Tech are members of several international industry bodies such as CEDIA, InfoComm International, VESA and ACID all of which ensure that the customers of B-Tech can be confident that they will have the best possible solution to meet their A/V needs.

Bill Owens (July 23, 2004): Manufactures stands, cables and switch boxes under it's own name and all kinds of audio accessories using their own name and using the Bib trademark that they bought in 1999.


BIB web site (July 23, 2009): This is all a far-cry from how B-Tech started. Back in May 1972, B-Tech's founder Martin Bennett decided that working for other people was no longer for him and decided to set up his own company. So with a mere £500, he started Supreme Audio Services (MPB Audio Ltd) in Streatham, which distributed electronic components and audio accessories to Radio and Television shops in the South London area from the back of his van. A few years later, Supreme Audio Services moved to new premises in Croydon and started manufacturing various audio leads using homeworkers and supplied these to other distributors throughout the UK.

The first foray into the world of audio video mounting solutions came in 1979 when Tom Tucker designed the BT1 Tilt and Swivel Loudspeaker Bracket. This was one of the first products specifically designed for mounting audio video products in the world and was revolutionary in it's time for letting the listener direct the sound from the speaker for the best esoteric performance. By 1982, Supreme Audio Services had moved to Penge (near Crystal Palace) via a brief stay in Norwood, to handle the decision to stop local manufacture of leads and to import cables and accessories from Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The company's first acquisition was made in 1985 when Lennard Developments Ltd was purchased. Lennard Developments Ltd, based in Enfield, were a manufacturer of record, stylus and cassette care accessories many of which were sold under the Play-fair brand. To cater for this increased business, the two companies moved to larger premises in New Addington on the outskirts of Croydon and in 1989 Lennard Developments was merged with Supreme Audio Services to form Lennards-SAS to operate as a distributor of Styli, and Audio Care Accessories. At the same time, B-Tech Ltd was formed to concentrate on producing own-brand products and manufacturer of loudspeaker wall mounts and audio video controls. Since 1989 B-Tech has developed an industry leading range of mounting solutions for both audio and video products, receiving numerous industry awards. Aside to this range, B-Tech also designed and manufactured a range of audio video controls and switches, starting with the BT12 and BT13 Loudspeaker Switches in 1989 and the BT21 Scart Video Switch in 1992.

In 1995, to reflect the increasing amount of export trade B-Tech was doing, the company's name was modified to B-Tech International Ltd. In 1999, B-Tech acquired the long and well established company BIB, which had been designing and manufacturing audio video care products since 1954. This included the innovation of many audio and video headcleaners that became the industry standard and common place today. To cater to the demands that greater success was giving us, B-Tech purchased a £1million 27,000sq.ft. warehouse in Daventry to serve the European market. Also in 2002, the global aspect increased of B-Tech when a facility was established in Asia to oversee the manufacturing and sourcing process in the Far East, B-Tech International (Hong Kong) Ltd.

The year of 2006 has been a busy one for B-Tech. This started when B-Tech opened a regional sales office in Singapore, B-Tech AV Mounts Pte Ltd, to handle the growing Asia Pacific Rim market, together with new warehouse facilities in both Hong Kong and Singapore to serve this market. Then to cater for the growing UK market, B-Tech purchased an additional 18,000sq.ft of warehouse space next to our existing warehouse in Daventry, making a total of 45,000 sq ft warehouse space for the UK. And just to complete the global aspect, B-Tech Audio Video Mounts has been set up in Buffalo (NY), USA to further our growth in the North American market.

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