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Avid Turntables web site (July 11, 2009): MISSION STATEMENT: 'The Truth, nothing more, nothing less'

Since 1995, our uncompromising design and manufacturing approach, ensures the finest products available today. Modern manufacturing facilities, state-of-the-art computer design technology and large investments in materials research have turned bygone phonographs into leading-edge technology. With other mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic equipment in development, AVID is a growing force throughout the audio market with a reputation for being 'Closer to the truth'.

Listen yourself, Judge yourself, Enjoy yourself.

After investing over 20 years in development work, company founder Conrad Mas launched AVID. With global distribution and an extensive UK dealer network, AVID is now recognised as one of the premier turntable manufacturers in the world. Based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, AVID's products are designed and manufactured within its own world class facilities. In addition to producing their own components, AVID's design and engineering expertise has been sought out by other premier companies within audio, automotive, medical and military industries.

Our uncompromising approach extends to every aspect of our business, from precision CNC machines in temperature controlled conditions to our hand made motors and power supplies, all parts having to pass rigorous inspection before being assembled and tested. Limits are so tight that all parts are interchangeable with other units, unlike other companies that have to match parts; AVID's consistency produces perfection. Meticulous attention to finish ensures our products, achieve performance and reliability of the highest possible degree. Simply put, we make them as if they were for ourselves.

The introduction of the Volvere saw the first of our new designs, making our technology available to more people. Directly derived from Acutus and exploiting most of its unique features, it was followed later by the Sequel, an upgradeable Volvere. Preceding this was our Isoschelf, designed specifically to decouple sensitive equipment such as valve electronics and CD transports.

When we launched our new entry-level turntable 'DIVA' there was immediate praise and recognition, with 'Product of the Year' and other stunning reviews. Followed by our new interconnect and speaker cables and Support Platforms we have not stood still.

In 2004 we parted with our sister engineering company to become totally independent, with our own machining facility now in house we are better positioned to supply our growing market share and also the other non-audio industries we service.

During 2006 we improved our Volvere and Sequel designs, improved the Acutus suspension and power supply. The introduction of the new Reference Power Supply for the Acutus, dramatically raises the performance of this already superlative product.

2008 saw the launch our replacement Diva turntable and next year a new super performance turntable, currently unnamed, but expected to set new standards in sonic performance will firmly put AVID on the map for pushing the vinyl reproduction envelope further than thought possible. Investing in AVID gives you leading edge technology, performance and reliability from a company with a solid background.

Welcome to the 21st Century of vinyl replay.

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