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Solid State Amplifiers

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Avalon Acoustics web site (January 2004): When we at Avalon Acoustics began our journey, the audio landscape was quite a different place. Loudspeakers came in rectangular boxes or flat panels constructed of thin and often highly resonant material. We spoke of the sonic characteristics of individual drive units, never expecting a coherent sound field with focused images within a three dimensional space. The sounds we heard emanated definably from the loudspeakers, and this rarely reminded us of the experience of a live concert. Identifying the type of space in which a recording had been made was almost impossible; the context had been lost. Systems lacked coherence and a nuanced harmonic structure, obscuring the differences between multi-channel studio mixes and real time stereo recordings. The subtle artistry musicians had locked away in their recordings, and the visceral emotional experience of live performances, was not convincingly being communicated.

Our dream was to create functional forms that would redefine the aesthetic and technological boundaries of transducer design and music reproduction. What we had in mind was either impossible, or at best impractical, since the methodologies and tools did not yet exist that could build the structures we envisioned. The first step was to undertake the hard labor of designing and building the tools that would serve as the platform from which we could launch our ideas.

Next, the world of acoustic measurement techniques had to be sufficiently refined in order to predict and control empirically what we desired from our designs sonically. How did measurements correlate with our listening impressions? New instruments and testing procedures were created, and we began our ongoing research into the fundamental nature of psychoacoustics.

Throughout our many years and designs, no matter how interesting the conception of an idea might have been, only in the finished result was success found. Whatever I have dared dream, the uncompromising engineers and artisans of Avalon Acoustics have made into reality. It is with the dedicated attention of the men and women who create each pair of loudspeakers with the labor of their hands, and the meticulousness of their artistic technique, that places our products at the pinnacle of craftsmanship. It is with this energy that much has evolved in the world of audio, and will be the basis of our continuing contribution. Neil Patel, President

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