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TAC (July 12, 2009): The web site is offline.

Avalanche web site (July 12, 2007):

Present in Sound and Space

When you combine the stone material, moulded using heavy and robust tools, with carefully planned high-precision quality components, the outcome is the unique appearance of Avalanche speakers. In these products you will discover the perfect synthesis of very high fidelity sound and stylish design. Both the hi-fi connoisseurs and interior designers will appreciate these loudspeakers. Each individual loudspeaker's appearance is totally unique; due to the natural material, no two are exactly the same! We don't know the meaning of "the assembly line" in our production. We can ensure you that all our speakers are made individually by hand.

The surface finish is a special, waxed, natural stone surface. Optionally, the loudspeakers can also be delivered with a piano-varnished finish or tinted to some color at an additional cost of approximately 20 %. Exports are approximately 80 per cent of turnover. At the moment you can find Avalance in many European countries as well as domestic markets. We will expand our exports all over the world in the future.


Soapstone is a natural, carvable material that was created under intense pressure within the earth over thousands of centuries. This rare product of nature is in many ways a unique and ideal material for loudspeaker construction. Soapstone forms a solid, non-resonant, sound insulating cabinet that is both extremely elegant and easy to maintain.

Soapstones Constituent Elements

Soapstone, or steatite, is formed of 40-50% talcum, 40-50% magnesite and 5-8% penninite. The talcum makes the stone easy to carve whilst the magnesium makes it tough and strong.

The Physical Properties of Soapstone


Avalanche web site (July 12, 2007): Since 1989 Avalanche as a brand name has been on the market. AS1 was the first active loudspeaker, which was launched by this brand name. AS1 was over one meter high, and it was a relatively huge speaker, it weighed 86 kilos and the price was over 5000 euros.

Manufacturing of Avalance loudspeakers almost stopped in end of the last millenium. After a few years of quiet life Oy Flinkstone Ltd was established in 2002. And by the new owners the manufacturing of Avalanche continues. Previous Avalanche loudspeakers were mainly quite large and also the price level was out of the common consumers reach, but now the company will focus on its production into the loudspeakers which prices fits better hi-fi users pockets. Recently we have made strong effort to the High End and home theatre speakers as well.

Weare also co-operating with Juuka Stone Museum and Stone Village Foundation The Juuka Stone Museum and Stone Village Foundation are behind the Finnish Stone Centre project. The foundation supports the stone industry and related small businesses.

StoneCenter is locating in North Karelia, in Nunnanlahti, approx. 80 kilometers to the north from Joensuu.

At the moment we have two design speakers in the Roundstone collection. Within Audiostone collection we have three different sized quite massive speakers. In this collection we have two High End versions and of course a subwoofer. From these below mentioned speakers you can create a really massive and impressive home theatre package.

The extremely beautiful surface of the soapstone fits perfectly into interior decorations and more over the beautiful gray pattern of the soapstone goes smoothly within modern hi-fi equipments, which are shaded to silver. You can also have varnishing on the surface of the speaker box, the piano finishing will give the stone royal appearance, it looks like black marble. From a special order we can tint the varnishing into a shade of colour you like and this is the way you can have an extra touch to your speakers.

In order to promote the Avalanche we have made a few basic changes into our production. From now on we will use mainly well-known Seas speaker elements in our production in the future. Almost all of the used components come from Germany from Intertechnik.

Main tasks of the company are: promote and develop new products and maintain and improve the quality of the renewed Avalanche brand. Product development continues by the new owners and we can already promise to our customers some new products. As a matter of fact we Finns love to relax in the Sauna and what could be nicer than sit in the sauna, throw water on the stones and listen to music from the SaunaStone, so we do have a SaunaSpeaker in a testing phase. Coming soon into the market!

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