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Product Development

The development process that led to the Integris began in 1999. The end result easily eclipses that of any combination of passive loudspeakers and single-ended-triode amplifiers (or other amplifiers) the design team could assemble or could hear in many auditions at other venues including Consumer Electronics Shows and other major shows for audiophile products. The comparison has included a variety of multiway loudspeakers, full-range types, horns, and amplifiers of many circuit topologies.


he Integris is presently being finalized and Aurum Acoustics is gearing up to commercialize its introduction at CES 2004. In the future we will focus on delivering additional high performance active loudspeaker products and possibly also a select range of complementary products. In time, new products will use new and advanced features involving digital signal processing but only when we find that they are feasible in offering superior performance to an optimized analog system.

We believe that active loudspeakers will dominate the quality loudspeaker market within the next decade. The present audiophile product market provides a special opportunity to establish Aurum Acoustics as a leader in a currently small active loudspeaker niche and to build the brand as the market for this type of product grows.

Who are we

The Aurum Acoustics team is led by Derrick Moss (P.Eng, MBA). Derrick is an audiophile with a passion for great music and great sound. He began his quest to design loudspeakers 10 years ago. Along the way he's had the opportunity to work with some of the industry's biggest brands but instead chose to pursue his own development projects. Dissatisfied with the performance limitations of the ubiquitous passive-crossover equipped loudspeaker, he began to explore the field of active loudspeaker design. Controlling the combined amplifier and loudspeaker system proved tremendously advantageous and led Derrick to strategize a unique commercial opportunity that will be initiated with the launch of the Integris.

The Integris is designed by Aurum Acoustics and produced by experienced engineers and craftsmen. The Aurum Acoustics team is supported by a formal Advisory Board of experienced business professionals who are guiding the company in its commercialization and long term strategic planning.

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