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  • 13409 W. Solano Dr., Litchfield Park, Arizona 85340-7361, USA
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  • 602 550 3401
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Aural Symphonics web site (Febuary 13, 2010): Aural Symphonics offers product choices to meet a broad variety of needs and preference that contribute to improving performance of music & cinema systems. Aural Symphonics creates technology to excel, enhance, communicate and, recover hidden performance in products connected together with wire cable or optical fiber. Aural Symphonics provides a diverse product portfolio with solutions for analog, digital, optical and, power.

At Aural Symphonics, the mission statement is very simple; Winning the world over one meter at a time tm. Providing high performance music & cinema cables. Aural Symphonics is also a category leader in digital wire based cables, digital fiber optic based cables, analog wire based power cables and, analog wire based interconnect and speaker cables.

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