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Electrostatic Speakers

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Audiostatic web site (June 2004): For over thirty years Audiostatic has been one of the most innovative producers of durable electrostatic loudspeakers. The first Audiostatic electrostatic loudspeaker was built in the early sixties by Dutch designer Ben Peters. Ever since progressive development and demand have made the brand known worldwide. Right now Audiostatic is being most impressive with its new DCM5 model. Elegant and beautiful objects that clearly convey individual taste in music. Every detail can be heared, every sense of atmosphere can be experienced, deep bass can be properly felt and spatial positioning is impressively natural. Critical passages played by the strings, woodwind, let alone voices are reproduced without a trace of hardness or coloration. Dynamic demands, from a grand piano for example, are reproduced absolutely distortion-free. These characteristics, together with the dipole radiation of the electrostatic panels guarantee hours and hours of listening without getting tired. Almost as if there where no loudspeakers at all.

Liudas Motekaitis (November 2002): The Fins are mountable on the new smaller Wing A as well as on the larger model, Wing. They help the speakers couple to the room better and the dipole design of the speakers keeps room modes from "igniting". It also privides a totally box-less sound while preserving bass functionality. The Wing speakers are presented by the world-wide distributor in conjunction with Neukomm Audio Systems amplifiers. The Neukomm Audio Systems amps are made in Switzerland and are high-quality MOSFET designs. The best dynamic performanceis achieved with their high-powered Mono-Blocks.

Liudas Motekaitis (April 2002): The Audiostatic Wing can be ordered in ANY COLOR you can imagine. Interesting fact for interior designers, who are always complaining about "boring" speaker cabinets!

Christoph Neuhaus (November 2000): The wire they use for the stators is of following Type: Pope from Venlo IEC 227 07/105.

Patrick Nelisse (October 2000): What Fin means. The latest development is called Fin. They are panels which are mounted at the back of the Audiostatics. This increases the sound at 200hz, it increases the sound level and it is easier to place the models in difficult rooms.

Daniel (November 26, 2015): I just bought this Audiostatic ESL. i dont know nothing about them,model,year.... Can someone give me some info about this speakers

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Joop Koop (September 27, 2001): Building the Audelcons (by Joop Koop)

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