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Ronny Nesbit (July 12, 2008): This was a company out of Canada that used to make some very nice mid-priced product. They built OEM for several people - and they even built sort of a "house brand line" for several large retailers in Canada. They had a ton of engineering talent working for them. They were the company that bought Audio Alchemy in the mid 90's. The audiospheres have an active circuit breaker in each of the two pods, one to protect the woofers and one to protect the mid's and highs. If you over drive them they shut down and need a O input to reset them.

Audiosphere closed business in 2000. Other brands they made or made for include Dahlquist, Abstract Acoustics, Acoustic Profiles, Signet, Electrohome, and a former MLS company, Audio Alchemy. Their general reputation for their own brand was that they were considered largely to be disco or party speakers competing on the basis of price against other similar speakers.

mike rainone (April 22, 2011): For any one who has audio spheres 18ls is one type the other is ax6 audio research with one 18inch, 2-5inch and 4-horns.

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