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Audiosophia logo
  • Audiosophia S.r.l.
  • Riviera Francia 3/A, 35127 Padova , Italy
  • Official website
  • michele.carraro@audiosophia.com
  • +39 3487 301 010
  • No fax number available


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Audiosophia manufactures or has manufactured the following equipment (click to expand models list):

Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers

General information [contribute]

Audiosophia web site (July 2, 2009): Audiosophia develops and produces Hi-End Audio devices, loudspeakers, digital to analog converters, signal cables and power cables, integrated amplifiers, phono preamplifiers. Please find the new series of loudspeaker LB2 LB3 and LB4. These are the new products for 2009. All the products that you find in our site are fully engineered and made in Italy by our staff.

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