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Audiopax website (July 2002): Carefully handcrafted in very limited quantities, Audiopax single ended amplifiers and loudspeakers are the result of a perfect blend of technical innovation and passion for music. Based on surprisingly new solutions to old problems, our equipments will bring back to you all the emotion present in your favorite recording.


Audiopax web site (December 16, 2009):

UDIOPAX has in a few years appeared in the high end audio scene as a very innovative and special company. Just looking at the response in shows everywhere and at the number of rave reviews, awards and front covers in prestigious magazines and internet sites around the world can make anyone curious.

How it started?

About a decade ago, AUDIOPAX designer, Eduardo de Lima, finished building a simple single ended amplifier. After many years designing, building and listening to traditional amplifiers, the musicality of the sound produced by that little amplifier was shocking. Not only a music lover but also an Engineer with a Master degree in EE and many years working in the telecom industry he could not believe what he heard! Had not he put that thing together just to have some fun and “prove” that what he read about single ended amplifiers in some magazines was nonsense?

Several days later, after the initial shock was reduced, a long study started with the goal of finding the reasons or, at least some clues, for that stunning performance in spite of what the traditional knowledge on the subject suggested.

It is true that this first amplifier had very limited high end. The bass was slow and there was no proper timming. But the midrange was like nothing else he had heard until then.

To resume things: finding some of the reasons has helped the design of amplifiers and speaker matched systems that could reduce the limitations of typical single ended amplifiers. To retain and in some ways to improve even the midrange performance while also extending the magic to both frequency extremes has been the goal of AUDIOPAX since the beginning. Some of the findings can be found on the white paper section.

In 1997 the first 300B AUDIOPAX amplifier the SE310 was shown at the VSAC Show near Seattle in the US. In the next year the SE388, already using KT88s in a special way and its matching loudspeaker were presented at the Sao Paulo Show, in Brazil, and at the second VSAC. The response was enthusiastic. These products were first developed to research the ideas and to confirm them. They were so successful that the company was started to design and produce matched loudspeaker/single ended amplifiers systems. Already at that point AUDIOPAX was using its proprietary and radically different output transformers family it still uses today.

The next big step came in 2001 with the introduction of the model 88 and the invention of the Timbre Lock concept. The development of this concept was a major step. It started as a solution to the problem of matching single ended amplifiers to loudspeakers. It has since developed into a wider range system optimization tool. To read more about Timbre Lock and what it can do please go to the What is Timbre Lock section of the site (under construction now).

The model 88 and Timbre Lock went on to win many awards and front covers in several different countries and stablished AUDIOPAX as a company that could bring really new ideas to market. Our presence at the Sao Paulo and London Shows in 2003 and at the CES2004 were truly memorable.

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