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Solid State Amplifiers

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Audionet web site May 2009: Culture is the nature of humans and art is one of its forms of expression. It enriches our lives, gives us meaning. Yet what would an orchestra create without instruments, or a painter without oils? Can there be art without mediating technology?

Our vision is to provide you with the most direct access to music and film. To present art truly, to let you forget that sound and pictures are being reproduced by machines.

Our machines, Audionet systems: Devised and developed on the basis of scientific inspiration, professional engineering art, and sound-cultural passion. These exceptional creations that guarantee inspiring musical enjoyment have established an excellent reputation among connoisseurs worldwide.

But not just the amplifiers - all our products are handcrafted piece by piece here in Bochum, Germany. By experienced personnel who combine utmost precision with ingrained enthusiasm.

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