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Dynamic Speakers

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Dylan Apple (December 16, 2009): Audiodyne is a new high-end accessory company that owes much of its early success to the internet and the emergence of electronic commerce. Because Audiodyne advertises on selected Internet newsgroups, they are able to reach a huge audience at a minimal cost. Audiodyne sells their products direct-to-the-consumer, eliminating a couple of steps in the distribution food chain. Without the usual expenses of doing business (retailers and printed magazine ads), Audiodyne is able to price their products, including the Multipath, more affordably than they would otherwise.

Granted, affordability means nothing if the product doesn’t perform well. That's what we are here to check out.

I'd first heard about their products while browsing the net. Sure, I did come across Audiodyne's promotional "blurbs", which were everywhere, but I also read lots of positive comments from customers who were chatting about their experience with these cables. All these factors had piqued my curiosity. When the opportunity to review the cables came up, I jumped at it.

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