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Audioacces web site (July 11, 2009): The Audioaccess History. Who is Audioaccess?

The Beginnings - 1987 to 1992

In 1987 Audioaccess was founded from a custom installation company, one of the pioneers in the design and installation of whole house audio systems. The installation company recognized the special needs of their clients to provide an easy to use, high quality, and functional whole house music system. With this installation perspective, Audioaccess was founded to design and build systems to address these unique requirements. The core user need was a keypad designed to control entertainment more like using a light switch versus a "stereo remote" on the wall. Thus whole house music became a lifestyle and not just a music system that is occasionally used. The custom installation business was just beginning to emerge. As a pioneer in this industry, Audioaccess became a founding member of the Custom Entertainment Design Installation Association, known as CEDIA, the largest and most respected organization in the custom installation industry.

The first products introduced by Audioaccess were the PX-4 and PX-6 Multi-Room Control Systems. These systems allowed a homeowner to access and control their audio components from any location in the house with a simple to use, elegant keypad. This was a marked improvement over the use of simple volume controls or very expensive customized solutions. The PX-4 and PX-6 became an instant success with custom installation specialists not only in the U.S. , but also throughout the world.

In late 1991, the Audioaccess MRX was introduced, the first multi-zone receiver that provided 6 zones of music, controller/preamp functions and an on board AM/FM tuner. A revolutionary product at it's time, thousands MRX systems were installed worldwide and its basic design platform has been copied others in the industry.

1993 - 2003

As Audioaccess continued to grow, new products were developed and successfully marketed by the company. Harman International acquired Audioaccess in August of 1993 and in 1994/1995 the Audioaccess PX-600 controller and PX-612 amplifier were introduced. These products were separate components, offering both improved audio quality and installation flexibility over the MRX Multi-Zone Receiver. The PX-612 amplifier was the first 12 channel amplifier designed specifically for multi-room applications.

In September 1996, Madrigal Audio Laboratories, famous for its leadership position in high-end audio components, assumed the management, design and manufacturing of Audioaccess products. In 2000, the PX-700 Multi-zone Controller Preamp was introduced which provided superior audio quality and advanced source control. By 2001/2002 the MA 361 and MA362 amplifiers were developed that provided the high quality amplification that matched perfectly with the PX-700. In addition, the ATC touchscreen was introduced to enable the advance source control functions when used with the PX-700 Multi-zone controller/Preamp.

2003 to Present

In July 2003 JBL assumed the design and management activities of the Audioaccess brand. Known for both high quality sound in professional and consumer applications, Audioaccess joined with other JBL custom initiatives including JBL Synthesis, to further develop products and systems to address this market. In 2004 the CATC color touchscreen is introduced to provide a rich colorful user interface for advance control of multi-room entertainment. The CATC interfaces with other RS 232 controlled sources and subsystems to provide true two way feedback to hard disc servers and other devices. JBL is currently developing additional products and systems to address the needs of home owners in this new millennium.

JBL/Audioaccess continues to retain the original purpose of the brand, to providing easy to use systems that offer a quality entertainment experience in the home

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