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AudioSound Laboratories web site (July 12, 2009): Audiosound Laboratories (ASL) is a totally Australian owned manufacturer and retailer with over 30 years experience in designing studio monitoring amplifiers, loudspeakers, tuners, as well as filters and signal processors.

Company founder, Mr. Ron Cooper, works very closely with Mr. A.N. Thiele (Thiele/Small parameters) who has written over sixty international engineering papers on loudspeakers, filters, amplifiers and numerous other electronic topics.

Very highly respected in the international electronic community, much of Mr. Thiele's work has become legendary throughout the world through his early paper on loudspeakers back in 1961, which was reprinted many years later (1973) in the journal of the American Audio Engineering Society (AES).

The accurate, extended, bass-end alignments of ASL loudspeakers are due to this close association with Mr. Thiele who wrote and customised the computer software which has been used by ASL for many years.

ASL's loudspeakers, amplifiers and electronics have been used by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) & numerous broadcast stations and major recording studios around Australia for over 30 years, and eight of our loudspeakers have received the prestigious Australian Design Award. All loudspeakers and monitors are hand made and each matched pair undergo individual response tests. No mass production techniques are used. Our latest crossover technology in certain models features precision high slope, constant phase filters which virtually eliminate lobing in near-field monitoring situations.

ASL, as acoustic consultants, custom design special high-slope, cross-over/filters, subwoofers and active crossover systems to suit particular needs. Ask us about our total design and manufacturing solutions for specialised requirements where precise monitoring is required.


AudioSound Laboratories web site (July 12, 2009):

1968 First Registered as Audiosound Electronic Services.

1969 LD 30 low-distortion all-silicon transistor amplifier developed. AM 100 wide-band valve Hi-fi AM tuner developed in conjunction with Neville Thiele.

1970 Excellent review of LD 30 amplifier in the very first issue of the new magazine, - "Australian Hi-fi". First loudspeaker system developed, - the "Prague", with low frequency alignment courtesy Neville Thiele.

1971 Excellent review of the AM 100 tuner in "Electronics Australia" magazine. Excellent review of the "Prague II" loudspeaker in "Electronics Australia".

1972 High-performance "Haffner 3 - way, and miniature Motet speaker systems developed.

1974 High-performance 2-way Minuet loudspeaker with dome tweeter developed.

1975 Development of the A750 20 watt amplifier in both domestic and professional versions. First of several contracts with the Australian Broadcasting Corp. (A.B.C.) for the A750 amplifier around Australia. A.B.C. contract for Minuet loudspeakers round Australia. F.M. tuner module developed for the AM 100.

1976 Development of the LD40 professional power Amplifier. First of several A.B.C. contracts for the LD 40 around Australia.

1977 AM 101 Solid state wide-band A.M. tuner developed. T-751 high-performance 5 gang F.M. tuner developed.

1978 First impulse / FFT tests on drivers with Dr. R.H. Small Sydney University. T-752 FM / Wide-band AM tuner developed.

1979 New speakers developed and added to the range.

1980 First Mos-Fet power amplifier developed.Name changed to Audiosound Laboratories.

1982 8066 speakers selected for the A.B.C.Commonwealth Games Studios in Brisbane.

1983 A.B.C. Studios in Lismore fitted out with our amplifiers and speakers. Development of the SS-2 professional linear stereo simulator. The SS-2 selected by Channel 10 Sydney.


984 -89 Further loudspeakers developed for professional monitoring.

1990 All eight speakers submitted, received the Prestigious Australian Design Award. SS-2 stereo simulators supplied to the A.B.C. around Australia.

1991 Standard 8033A speakers selected, with ASL amplifiers and specially designed electronics, for use by the Australian Navy in their submarine simulator for reproducing very low frequency sounds. The 8033's have a - 3dB. point at 37Hz. in a compact enclosure.

1993 Special Bass Drivers designed by us for overseas supplier.

1994 -96 Further loudspeakers developed including the our Home Theatre range.

1997 Unique, High-Slope, (24dB./Oct.) constant phase cross-overs developed for special models.

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