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Dynamic Speakers
MP3 Players
Solid State Amplifiers

General information [contribute]

TAC (July 5, 2009): We had trouble finding this one. Although the web is flooded with Audiophase products is was hard to find the Audiophase web site. It turns out that TGE Group is the manufacturer of these pproducts but apparantly even they don't carry the Audiophase name on their site.

Audio Phase web site (July 5, 2009): Our Values & Philosophy: TGE Group is one of the leading providers of Multi-functional Digital Multimedia Devices for worldwide OEM/ODM customers. In view of the increasing growth of Portable USB multi-media devices, TGE focused product lines on Game Player, Multi-functional MP3 players and USB Storage Devices. We offer the complete supplying and logistic services for the integration of hardware, software and gateway.

At TGE, we believe that the success of our contributions to society and to the mutual prosperity of people across national boundaries truly depends on how we manage our company. Nowadays, building on the high-quality products and competitive prices, TGE experienced booming sales in worldwide business with good reputation. Our goal is to create the future with our customers. We aim to become the world-class leading supplier of fully-featured, service-oriented consumer electronic products and technologies.

DXD (December 3, 2009): TGE is an OEM, their devices are rebranded and sold by several companies. AudioPhase in particular is branded and sold by KLH: (see at the end). I suspect, though, that they're not the only ones using the AudioPhase brand.

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