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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers

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AudioLab (Netherlands) web site (December 16, 2009): Audiolab is a Dutch speaker manufacturer with an extensive track record. The company offers extensive measurement and testing facilities, yet the listening room but the protagonists. Besides a line hifi speakers audiolab also provides PRO-cable systems and a complete program. Unique is the ability to restore old speaker units.

Our starting point is: Where the money, and not just a nice appearance without substance produce. The design is also technically correct. This is found in all Audiolab speakers.

Our efforts; a speaker without adding something to the true richness of the original instrument sound is heard. You hear the music not the speaker. So no hissing or roaring bass high, but ..... peace and music. And please bear in mind that a good speaker is not the most spectacular.

Buying a Dutch product has a number of significant advantages. Financially we are not plagued by importers, customs and transportation overseas. This manifests itself in a better price / quality ratio. But there are also technical advantages. Finally we know better than anyone how the average Dutch are living acoustic acts, which we can tailor our designs. By providing you better service and faster help in any case. Moreover, we tend to special needs.

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