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Tony Jones (July 3, 2007): Audiocraft still make a couple of cartridges the AC-03 and AC-03 Mono; as well as a v. expensive Phono stage; they stopped making their famous unipivot tonearms about 5 years ago, and no longer support parts or service for these. They also make a range of excellent Phono cables and interconnects, as well as being Japans import agents for a number of US based cable manufacturers.

Jimmy Clifford(October 9, 2004): A Japanese company that produced a range of both conventional pivoted arms and unipivot designs. They where marketed under the Audiocraft and Ultracraft brand names.

Audio Craft founded in 1974 by a hobbyist Mr. Hanamura and distributed by sales company MACE in Japan (though their activity seems to depart from analogue field). Audio Craft is ditributed under Ultra Craft to USA. Audiocraft in Ohio got a trade-name infringment seise and desist order againt them, so thye needeed to change the anme on the arms.

There were two models available under the Audiocraft name The AC-300 and AC-400. Both were S shaped oil damped unipivopt arms. Later they were redesigned with removeable arm tubes both straight and S-shaped released under the Ultracraft name and as Mk2 modeles.

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