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AudioCoils web site (June 25, 2009):A high fidelity tube amplifier is the dream of every music fan; but it is not easy the choice, between the models often prestigious just because of the price. An alternative proposal emerges from the Marche's musicals instruments and professional audio market. The Audio Coils, borned by 1998, of the passion and of the thirty years experience of the musician-technician prof. Marco G. Gentili, who designs, produces and distributes high quality tube amplifiers and pre- amplifiers.

The electronics, CE approved, reliable and bound to preserve with the time their musical and economic values.The direct distribution, from the producer to the consumer, allows to practice prices under the 50 % of the ones which are in the market!

The Audio Coils amplifiers, single-ended or push-pull, regains the more simple circuits of the great thermionic tubes era (1925- 1965), updating them with the most modern technologies and materials.

This philosophy allows the development of new gears that helps to obtain excellent results in the music reproduction; we can remember , between them, the exclusive interstage transformer ELECTROSMOGLESS (brev. 01316111) with which is possible to avoid coupling capacitors between the stage, and the HARP, the innovating loudspeakers with a semicircular transmission line (pat. Pend.).

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