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Audio Valve web site (January 2004):

At the center of tube technology

On the leading edge of contemporary tube sound. All Audio Valve products are designed by H. Becker and feature advanced, modern circuitry, combined with the warm sweet sound of tubes. Now you don't have to sacrifice one to get the other. Combining the finest in modern tube technology with sophisticated smart-bias circuitry, Audio Valve brings you the best of both worlds - and more.

With contemporarily-styled chassis built from 4 & 5 mm laser-cut steel, every amplifier and preamplifier we manufacture utilizes double PC boards and automatic bias regulators to insure a continuously uniform current flow to and a perfect match among all the tubes throughout their entire life, even as the various tubes decay at different rates.

Unlike other tube amplifiers, where a certain amount of guesswork and experience is required to know when tubes need to be replaced, not only do tubes not have to be removed prematurely (prior to burn out), but when burnt out does occur, only the bad tubes need to be replaced. The amplifier will automatically adjust and distribute the total current flow to optimally match the new configuration.

Audio Valve amplifiers always deliver nothing but the most advanced, economical, high quality tube sound. Power output tubes in most models may be varied among several different types with no modifications to the units, so that an appreciable degree of sonic system matching and user preference may be accommodated. No matter what combination of tubes one uses ( differing tubes, new tubes, old tubes ), one will experience at all times the balanced and coherent sound of amplifiers working with brand new, perfectly matched tubes. The bonus is that there is never any need to use a meter or screwdriver to adjust bias on any tube in any condition of operation. Audio Valve?s smart - bias circuitry is the best and most unobtrusive in the business !

At Audio Valve, the only things more advanced than our designer are the amplifiers themselves.

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