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Audio Spectrum web site (January 2004): Audio Spectrum's philosophy is to manufacture loud speaker systems for the living room without any compromise. Audio Spectrum strives for optimization of sound reproduction and we love to refer to over 20 years lasting business relation with 'driver' manufacturer SEAS from Norway.

Next to this loud speakers have to fit into the interior in the living room and therefor Audio Spectrum only uses natural designs and real wood finish for all of it's products. For every music lover, for any living room, for every wallet, Audio Spectrum delivers a loudspeaker that fits. Audio Spectrum team


Audio Spectrum web site (January 2004): Spectrum Electronics Company SA is since many years the largest loud speaker manufacturer in Greece. Already since 1980 Audio Spectrum is the trend setting speaker brand with respect to audio performance, design and use of materials. Since the year 2002 Audio Spectrum has become available for the rest of Europe and is being sold throughout many European countries very successfully.

Spectrum Electronics is located approximately 20 kilometres away from Athens and since the very beginning until today all loud speakers are being manufactured on the same place. The loud speakers of Audio Spectrum are being designed, developed and manufactured by a team of 40 audio professionals.

After Greece, also the United Kingdom has now joined to be the preferred audience of Audio Spectrum. Audio Spectrum team

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