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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers

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Audio Scientific web site (July 10, 2009): Telecommunications, Digital and Wireless engineers often add voice to their design. It has been proven many times that sound quality depends on designer's approach & skills - and each product sounds differently. Correct conversion of digital signals into analog and sound signals requires a set of critical skills, to ensure high voice quality in the entire chain, end to end, under all conditions and with all settings of software controls.

Audio Scientific provides this critical set of skills. We take care of all aspects of client design from dBm0 to dBV and dB SPL. We specialize in audio for telecom, wireless, digital, medical and hand portable products. We cover Bluetooth, cellular phones, cordless, telephone handsets, hands - free, headsets, speakerphones with a variety of accessories, echo cancellers, portable audio appliances, noise canceling microphones plus all products where a chain of sound, analog and digital signals involved or voice capability required.

Experience how easy and stress free will be your job when we take care of the analog end and acoustics. Do not slow down your engineers with audio & acoustical tasks, delegate such tasks to Audio Scientific! Let Audio Scientific expertise in analog design and acoustics work for you. Let us shorten your design time, save you money and faster move your product to market. Compare voice & sound quality before and after we worked with you.

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