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Audio Pro web site (January 2004): For 25 years we have created speakers that have gained acclaim, both within the trade press and among our customers. With the benefit of Swedish design and development, we have always tried to give our customers the best sound for the best price. Our emphasis has always been on innovation in both design and technology.

Audio Pro was the first company in the world to launch a microprocessor-controlled receiver at the end of the 1970s, and our famous subwoofer technology, AceBass, which was patented in 1978, has been further developed and is still used today. For the last four consecutive years, at least one of our speakers has been named hi-fi product of the year.Today Audio Pro speakers are available in over 30 countries in Europe, America and Asia as well as Australia.


Audio Pro web site (January 2004): Founded in the mid-seventies, Audio Pro has always taken its own path. Naturally, we do this without losing sight of our most important goal: to achieve the highest possible sound quality for a reasonable price. You see, we neither believe in products loaded with gimmicky features, nor in esoteric audio that is only attainable for the very few very rich. We believe in manufacturing affordable high-end audio!

Audio Pro is a Swedish audio company with deep roots in the Swedish sonic tradition. Since 1978, we have designed and made incomparable loudspeakers that have gained worldwide acclaim. It all began with a design by the young electronics engineer Karl-Erik Stahl. HiFi experts all over the world were astounded by his subwoofer B2.50 - such deep and clean bass response had never before been heard from a box that small.

Our first big success was actually a remote-controlled switchboard for audio dealer showrooms. This shows that Audio Pro never overlooks any link in the sound reproduction chain. The flexible speaker switchboard's superior sound quality, and its modular, service-friendly design immediately became a huge success. The MSS or Modular Switching System for audio showrooms soon became a worldwide export success, and caused the immediate founding of Audio Pro subsidiaries in several countries around the world. Audio Pro was born!

Besides its legendary speakers, Audio Pro is also known for its audiophile-grade electronics. The company realized at an early stage that most of the electronics on the market weren't up to the task of matching the Audio Pro speakers. The total design approach to audio quickly evolved into products such as the microprocessor-controlled receiver, TA.150. Back in the late seventies, the TA.150 was one of the first audio products ever to use a microprocessor. Again a proof of the company-guts of exploring new areas. In 1979 the TA.150 received the price for "The most innovative product - both engineering and design" at the CES-show in Chicago.

Not surprisingly, Audio Pro's speaker history also started with a unique product. The B2.50, a rare subwoofer featuring built-in amplification and active crossover electronics. B2.50 incorporated the ACE-Bass (Amplifier Controlled Euphonic Bass) technique. It's a patented technique designed to reproduce low frequencies from small enclosures. The ACE-Bass in the B2.50 used dual subwoofer speakers, exactly monitored by servos in order for the electronics to make adjustments accordingly. The ACE-Bass was originally developed by Karl-Erik Stahl, a young Swedish engineer who refused to back down until he had created a way to achieve deep bass without filling the living room with speaker cabinets the size of telephone booths.

Audiophiles were amazed, and Audio Pro became world famous in HiFi circles. Especially impressive was the extremely low bass, which gave sonic sensations that few had experienced outside the concert hall. But the success of the B2.50 subwoofer wasn't enough. The people at Audio Pro had one great itch: to build the best-sounding home stereo speaker. Theories led to working models, and a true speaker legend was born. With the creation of A4.14, pess, retailers and audiophiles worldwide went wild over a speaker with truly uncolored sound, made possible by almost completely flat frequency response. The A4.14 loudspeaker was nominated "Product of the Year" when introduced at the 12 Chicago Consumer Electronics Show.

Both the subwoofers and the A4.14 scored great successes. Reviewers in HiFi trade magazines as well as musicians and sound engineers all praised the clean, extremely deep, distortion-free bass. They also praised the wide and extremely flat frequency response and the fine resolution of the A4.14. No loudspeaker in the history of HiFi has received so many column-yards of positive reviews. A4.14 soon became one of the best selling high-end loudspeakers in several countries.

With the sensational innovation A2.2 ace plus (introduced at the 10th anniversary of Audio Pro in 1988), Audio Pro left the eighties in a grand manner. A2.2, with a net volume of two liters (two milk cartons) and with a separate ace-plus amplifier unit, produced extreme clean, deep bass, never before possible from such a small enclosure. Need we say that the press loved it?

The Audio Pro revival

In 1995, Audio Pro made a major exertion. And what a revival! The reintroduction of the A4.14, now called A4.14zero, gave standing ovations. The new line-up was both wider and deeper than before, with new subwoofers as well as a complete new line of audio electronics. Reviews in the Swedish HiFi magazines gave 'thumbs up' to both areas. A new era had entered at Audio Pro.

Home Theater was one of the first areas in strong focus. With Dolby Pro Logic receivers and preamplifiers, and a THX preamplifier as the heart of a Home Theater system, the tradition of making great loudspeakers took another giant leap. With a selection of center speakers, with actzero - maybe the world's largest center - at the top, and the switchable di/bipolar surround speaker A3.3, combined with our experience in massive bass reproduction, the home cinema sound from Audio Pro is outstanding. The new subwoofer subzero, a 15" woofer with 250W built-in amplifier, and the ace-bass subwoofer B1.20 gave thundering response in the Home Theater world.

One of our most praised speaker series is IMAGE, with an extremely slim and straightforward design, and a sound that makes most people look for a subwoofer. The HiFi speaker of the year, Black Diamond, is a part of this series. The most recent success of the Image series is Blue Diamond. And the prices of IMAGE make us proud to call ourselves the affordable high-end audio company.

To follow up, and even surpass, our previously praised speaker series was not an easy task. Successes like Black Diamond, Blue Diamond and the powered subwoofer B1.35 forced us to develop something really new and extraordinary - the Avantek Series. Just a few weeks after its release, the Avantek SUB became Subwoofer of the Year 2000 in Sweden.

The Focus series have been well received - all speakers in this series has become testwinners in various HiFi- and Home Theater magazines. The Sub Focus became Subwoofer of the year 2002 in Sweden. The Home Theater set-up SA-4, SA-2, SA-3 and SubFocus became the Home Theater speakers of the year in Norway 2002.

With the new speaker series BRAVO, we have combined the latest developments in Super Audio sound reproduction technology with absolutely uncompromising artisanship in the construction of speaker cabinetry. Taka a look at Bravo FX-10, it is the best loudspeaker we have created, so far...

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