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Audio Note Japan web site (December 2003):


Hiroyasu Kondo founded Audio Note Japan in 1976 and since that date, Audio Note Japan has been manufacturing premium audio reproduction products. Now Audio Note Japan manufacture equipment will bear the logo 'Kondo'. Please ensure that you receive a sealed Certificate of Provenance when purchasing an Audio Note Japan product.


We released our first silver cable 25 years ago and in the mean time we kept improving its sound quality and finally developed the KSL technology to materialise "silver cable" to be widely accepted. It is now appraised as the most musical cable together with the best clarity in recordings. KSL stands for Kondo Sound of Lexus. Audio Note Japan / Kondo employs our compiled knowhows to solve various problems start from the time wires are made and processed. It sounds smoother and better comprehend the details of the sound images between different musical instruments. Through R & D, we further pursuit and realize "true sound" to all links of the sound system, from a phono cartridge to speakers, as well as the other critical components and parts in sound reproduction. We also discovered an important factor of "good sound" through cut and try production. It is a far better "good sound technology" than the "silver technology" we discovered more than 20 years ago. This is generally compiled as KSL Technology, which is now inherited in all our current products.

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