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  • Audio Note Ltd.
  • Peacock Industrial Estate, Lyon Close, Hove, East Sussex BN3 1 SG, UK
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  • +44 (0) 1273 220 511
  • +44 (0) 1273 731 498


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Dynamic Speakers
Valve Amplifiers

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Audio Note web site (July 2, 2003): range is built around a series of ideological and technological performance platforms from which we have developed a wide and comprehensive product range catering for as many price points and as wide a performance spectrum as possible. With the end goal intended to allow our customers and dealers to select and build systems of superior sound quality and longer lasting value.

Alan Pierce (May 12, 2002): With the exception of the name and some older products this company has no connection with the original Audio Note/Kondo. Make some specialised hi-fi products and kits in the UK, but also sells rebadged Korean separates and Danish speakers under their own name.

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