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Valve Amplifiers

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Audio Mirror web site (January 9, 2004): Twenty-five years ago in Bulgaria Vladimir Bazelkov was involved in audio electronics. He became a hi-fi enthusiast, attended a technical institute and graduated as an electronic and sound engineer. Over the years he has designed and built many different audio circuits and units. At this point he has gained an enviable reputation for building excellent sounding equipment.

In 1989 he patented one of his audio-electronic circuit designs - tone control stage. After testing hundreds of vacuum tube circuits he choose the best for modification. He upgraded and tested dozens. He also experimented with other designs for many kinds of push - pull, single - end and other amplifiers. Using his background, Mr.Bazelkov designed his own circuits that performed far better than existing ones. In October 2000, Mr. Bazelkov moved his company, Audio Mirror Inc.,from Bulgaria to USA.

Audio Mirror engineers specialize in high - end audio equipment. Its vacuum tube amplifiers are point-to-point, hand wired and hand assembled. All parts used are carefully selected and critically tested. The emphasis at Audio Mirror is on both performance and appearance of our products.

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