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Solid State Amplifiers
Valve Amplifiers

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Audio Matiere designed and manufactured tube amplifiers and tube CD players. The designer was Jean Jaques van Leeuwen. Audio Matiere is out of business and Jean Jaques van Leeuwen has either moved to Audio Aero or sold the technology to them. AudioAero can still answer questions regarding the Audio matiere line and actually have some spare parts if ever needed. The Audio Sculpture line by Audio Matiere is imported and distributed in the US by Ron Hedrich/Marigo Audio Lab.

Bryan Pritchett (October 4, 2009): Audiomat (Mutine) is still in business. It produces only a few tube amplifiers, preamps, integrated amplifiers, DA converters, and phono pre's of the highest quality. There are two dealers in the US, one also being a repair shop in California.

Andrew Black (November 13, 2011): Audio Sculpture

Gaetano Martinelli (January 12, 2014): I'm in touch with Mr. Van Leeuwen and he is still in activity.
He never was with audio aero ! His old company (Audio Sculpture/Audio Matiere ) had problems with Audio Aero !! (on 1997).

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