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Audio Magic Production web site (June 27, 2009): Mission Statement: "Our goal is to produce quality High End audio products, as we continously strive to improve present products and to develop new useful audio tools to enhance your listening pleasure." In the early years of the third millennium, speculation is rife as to which direction new developments in the fields of audio, video and multimedia will take.

However, one thing remains constant: In the small corner of those broad fields that Audio Magic Production has made its own since 1989, we will continue to develop and design audio furniture which offers valuable audible benefits, as well as the aesthetic satisfaction of fine finish and distinguished design.

From the beginning, Audio Magic Production has been the undisputed audio furniture market leader in concept, development and design, a much imitated inspiration for copycats all over the world who fail to capture the essential Audio Magic of our uniquely original products. At Audio Magic Production, we remain fully committed to maintaining and expanding our position as the defining brand on the cutting edge of audio, video and multimedia storage.

We are confident that the discerning individual will always recognize and appreciate the superior craftsmanship and performance of original Audio Magic Production products. Quite simply, some things cannot be copied, such as the dedication of our designers and their deep awareness of how proud owners interact with their home entertainment electronics.

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