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Dynamic Speakers

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Audio Finality web site (December 16, 2009): Yes, it's possible to build audio systems using off-the-shelf components, and connect them together with simple wires made of common conductive materials and trivial geometries, but - this is not what we offer. "Simple" and "common" is not what high-end audio is about. We at STEALTH believe that high-end audio in general, and high-end cables in particular are about the best currently possible, about perfecting all design elements, no matter how small, and putting them together aiming at state-of-the-art and making it happen. That's why in our designs we utilize complex, advanced geometries and the finest available materials: high purity silver and gold and even rare and exotic conductive alloys and composites, high performance dielectrics - such as solid Teflon, porous Teflon and vacuum, and cost-no-object custom connectors with solid silver contacts and machined Titanium or carbon fiber shells

STEALTH AUDIO CABLES are individually crafted by hand with painstaking attention to detail. Our most advanced cables are impossible to reproduce by a machine, and they simply cannot be made in a bulk form. All our products are bench tested and sonically evaluated to assure uncompromised performance and quality supported by our LIFETIME WARRANTY against defects.

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