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Electrostatic Speakers

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Christoph Neuhaus (November 2000): AE produces a number of full range ESL's in passive and aktive versions. They use perforated sheets for the stators and a 6um diaphragm. The P3's consist of 3 vertical aligned (electrically paralleled) ESL-elements, the P6's of 6 (3 vertical, 2 parallel). The input signal is fed through two transformers followed by a quite elaborate equalizing network. This network is mainly used to virtually curve the Speaker (so its basically a Timedelay).

The HV supply is a simple cascade, whichs output voltage can be tuned by the means of a variable resistor. There are no matching impedance devices, so be beware of Your Amp. These Babies are quite a challenge to drive, but uuuuhh, when the right guy comes along .... :-))

You can get a active version of these speakers. The amp looks pretty much like the Acoustat-amps to me. A 2-trans-2-tubes-design, comprising of a 2N5416, a 2N3439 and 2 6HB5's. They use specially made Siemens electrolytics in their power supply. The price for this amp is quite reasonable and it suits the speaker beautifully. And best of all: They defintively belong to the best sounding units You can purchase. So give it a try, they're worth it!!!

The'A' versions of these ESL's work with an built in Amp using a hybrid-structure consisting of Transistors and Pentode-tubes (6HB5), obviously similar to the Acoustat-Design.

Thomas E (January 26, 2005): Audio Ekxlusiv has a new website:

No information on the ELS speakers yet.

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