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Audio Agile web site (December 2003): The idea is music. Only few things can move us like music does. It affects our moods, is a reflection of our feelings, inspires, and gives unforgettable moments. Without music our being would lack its nuances; much would be one-sided and mute. To enable such an experience in our own living space we need technology. A technology that realizes the highest sound quality, offers ease of control through clear design, and adapts to a sophisticated life style.

Our work with high-end concepts began in 1988, when we first produced a small, two-way loudspeaker using the best crossover network components, specially designed chassis, and a high quality housing. Since then all aspects of sound reproduction have been researched at audio agile. We have developed high-end components ranging from turntables and CD players to loudspeakers.

audio agile´s foremost development goal - reduced to bare essentials -is to create hi-fi components which are able to provide maximally satis-factory musical experince. Our distinctive exterior design reflects the internal construction. All components sound characteristics are carefully tested by. They are chosen within strict tolerances, and come exclusively from the finest and most renowned manufactures. This love of detail results in the fascinating experience of a three-dimensional soundstage.

From our development work and comparisons grew the idea of the audio agile product line. All of our components are designed to achieve the same sound characteristics and to sound neutral. Thus we achieve the tonal balance and natural tone that our high expectations demand.

Only with this carefullness can it be assured that after you set up one of audio agile's concept lines a wholy satis-fying sound stage will be created, which promises relaxation and musical enjoyment.For these reasons any hi-fi system will benefit from the addition of audio agile components. With the help of the TUNING line, which is optimally matched to the tone of our products, the detail reproduction can easily be further improved.

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