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Dynamic Speakers
Valve Amplifiers

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Audio Advancements website (October 2001): Company Profile. We have been importing high-end equipment from Europe since 1986, specializing in vacuum tube gear, analog front ends, LPs and CDs, and remarkably interesting accessories.

Audio Advancements web-site (October 23, 2013): AUDIO ADVANCEMENTS LLC has been providing music lovers with the finest in analog audio equipment since 1985. A retail store was the first venture into audio under the name AUDIO CONNECTION in Verona NJ (now owned by John Rutan). AA was founded in 1986. Hart Huschens is the owner; he has amassed decades of experience in sound technology. He is a conservatory-trained musician, and his knowledge and passionate attention to detail enable him to advise you in creating outstanding analog systems. Clients' testimonials will be included shortly.

In July of 2008 AA introduced a new turntable line under the EUROLAB label, designing and manufacturing turntables for a range of budgets. All EUROLAB turntables are modular, upgradable, custom designed and built to order. Materials used include aluminum, brass, Finland birch, DelrinR, graphite, slate and soapstone. AA also offers cartridges, tonearms and phono stages, plus a some unique analog accessories.

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