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Solid State Amplifiers

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Audia Flight web site (December 2003): Since decades, the circuit design of the most part of projects worked out in amplification is based, in essence, on a differential scheme which, with time going on and by the use of components characterised by ever increasing performances, has led to really remarkable accomplishments from the sonic viewpoint. Unfortunately, the most relevant shortcoming of this kind of circuitry is the frequency response and, with it, the rapidity in the transient response (slew-rate). Differential designs for amplification (voltage feedback) with quite extended frequency response have the drawback of a transient instability or, anyway, when excited with a step impulse, their output attains a steady state only after several "extra" oscillations that, clearly, affect the original signal with a coloration.

Starting from the assumption that an electric network belonging to the amplification chain could strictly not affect the input signal (namely, it has not to add anything to the signal, but the pure amplification), AUDIA developed a radically new circuit design, free from the flaws described above proper of the differential scheme.
This new scheme exploits a CURRENT FEEDBACK, rather than the usual voltage feedback, the amplification is of the transimpedance kind (and, therefore, extremely linear) and the feedback is closed before the output stage. The final outcome consists of very fast, stable circuits with a strong ability to control even the wildest reactive load.

Obviously, beside developing a new technology in amplification design, we spent a lot of energy in looking for first class components, both for the quality and the performance, for clean signal paths, for unique transformers, all that is needed so that AUDIA products be, all in one, SUPERB!

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