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Dynamic Speakers

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Adelaide Speakers web site (June 29, 2009): Hifi and home theatre speakers developed and made in South Australia to very high standards of sound reproduction at an affordable price. There are over fifty models to choose from, and they are exclusively available only through Adelaide Speakers. Floorstanders, bookshelf, centre channels, subwoofers. sealed, vented, transmission line, passive radiator, shielded, classic designs, audiophile designs, real timber veneers, and a philosophy to produce very high quality sound from a beautiful cabinet made with real timber veneers at an affordable price.

Kits and Custom Speakers

All Ascension Loudspeakers are also available in kit form that includes all drivers, crossovers, ports, terminals, etc, and plans and instructions to build your own boxes if you have the ability to do so. Great savings on the already low direct model prices. Or, phone about your requirements and a custom speaker can be specially designed for you.

Jimmy Nash (August 21, 2004): Australian loudspeake manufacturer located in a town of the same name, their Hi-Fi and home theatre products are sold under the Ascension Loudspeakers brand but they also provide loudspeaker kits and PA speakers under the Adelaide Speakers brand. The company also handles repairs and refurbishments of thrid party speakers.

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