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Dynamic Speakers

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Artistic Audio web site (December 9, 2009): Filling a space with sound, shimmering, thundering, silky - the room literally basking in each nuance. This is the dream of every audiophile. As the reality of creating this dream is explored, the path inevitably leads to a speaker acting as a perfect pulsating sphere. With sound radiating equally in each direction, the speakers become invisible, only the sound emanating from them remains.

artistic audio is dedicated to making this dream a reality with patented bipolar speaker technology. Our products are designed to emulate this pulsating sphere ideal and to seamlessly integrate into your listening environment. Looking more like works of sculpture, artistic audio bipolar speakers are unlike anything else in the audio marketplace.

Our unique, dome midbass drivers, mounted in bipolar arrays are the heart of each artistic audio bipolar speaker. Blending their natural acoustic properties with high grade crossover components, a 3rd order system response is achieved with the bipolar array of silk dome tweeters. The natural responses of the tweeters and midbasses were carefully sculpted to achieve this system response at a precise frequency to take advantage of the human ears insensitivity to phase change in that range.

Using a larger diaphragm midbass allows all critical vocal frequency ranges to be produced by the same speaker eliminating the image smearing that takes place in other 3 way speakers. Explore the future of sound with the patented 360 degree Mobius and Hemisphere bipolar speaker system from artistic audio.

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