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ArciTec Acoustic web site (December 2003):

Our philosophy

The established producers within the High-End speaker industry have focused on creating vary traditional product, where the sound have been the only concern, without the slightest understanding and concern for the customers others needs, such as, how do the product fit in with the home interior? In our fundamental concept this is a lack of customer empathy. As a result of that we see it as our main goal through intensive research & development and the latest production techniques to be the alternative that posses the ability to produce speaker systems with a High-End sound reproduction and aesthetic and functional design.


The following information was taken from the ArciTec Acoustic web site (December 2003):

Our history

ArciTec Acoustic was established on June 1997 in order to develop, produce and market a new speaker concept which target the quality oriented consumer, who demands a High-End, sound reproduction together with aesthetic design. The headquarter for ArciTec Acoustic is situated in Struer, on the peninsular of Denmark. All main activities such as R&D, Sales & Marketing, Purchase and Production are located her

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