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Valve Amplifiers

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Aria web site (December 2003): Who is Aria? Michael Elliott, musician, music lover, former president and designer at Counterpoint. Responsible for over 30 audio products, he dedicates himself now to Aria: Exceptional components capable of creating those fleeting moments of magic that make music uniquely engaging. From the first touch of brush on cymbal until the final note falls into silence, these are the moments -- so intense as to seem nearly tangible -- that we hold on to forever.

All Aria products are hand-built to ISO9002 quality assurance standards, fully tested, listened to, and signed-off before they are packed in their wooden crates for shipping.


Aria web site (December 2003): In the 1980's, Michael Elliott designed the Counterpoint tube/MOSFET SA Power Amps -- the First Generation. In the early 1990's he did the Second Generation: the tube/transistor NPS amps. In the late 1990's, he created the acclaimed NP tube/transistor upgrades for the SA amplifiers -- the Third Generation. Now, in 2002, the technology has been refined and perfected in the Aria WT Power Amps.

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