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Aprilsound web site (December 2003): Aprilsound, Inc. is dedicated to the simple pleasure of enjoying recorded music in the home. All of our audio electronics are constructed with one goal in mind truly musical reproduction of audio recordings reproduction that lets the human soul speak through the music. This requires more than a technically accurate stack of electronics with great 'specs' because the specifications can't tell the whole story! Great sounding audio takes more than "low distortion" and lots of watts it also takes a complete lack of transient smearing and spurious ringing. In other words, it takes high-current, super-wide bandwidth triode amplification with NO negative feedback!

While the finer points of audio transformer design and low distortion triode audio amplification were being forgotten here in the West, in Japan they have been continuously improved upon by a small but dedicated group of master craftsmen. Over the last fifty years or so (since the introduction of the Williamson amplifier) audio engineers here in the West were busy applying global negative feedback to reduce the distortion of the less linear (but more efficient) high power devices like beam tetrodes, transistors, and MOSFET's, and replacing all transformers in the signal path with impedance matching circuits. Meanwhile, the Japanese "ultra-fi" community was busy improving the musical qualities of supposedly "primitive" and "obsolete" audio technologies like directly heated triodes and audio transformers. Aprilsound follows in the footsteps of these masters of the audio art, while making use of the very latest materials and devices to create the most musical high-fidelity reproduction possible today. Aprilsound can custom-design and build for you the highest quality zero negative feedback all-triode or hybrid FET/triode phono preamps, line preamps (with or without OPT!), and directly heated triode power amps, both push-pull and single-ended. Contact Aprilsound for details.

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