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  • Antiphon Audio Labs
  • Sinsung Officetel A-604, 1857 Seocho 3-dong, Seocho-gu Seoul, South Korea
  • Official website
  • +82 2 525 6550
  • +82 2 525 6550


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Dynamic Speakers
Valve Amplifiers

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TAC (December 9, 2009): The Antiphon website is currently offline.

Antiphon web site (August 10, 2004): Mr. S.K. JUNG, the chief designer and mastermind of the Antiphon Sound, opened Antiphon Audio Labs in the early 1990s to re-incarnate the glory of vacuum tube audio amplifiers, especially the 300B-based single direct heated triode amplification of audio signals. Mr. Jung explored all the classic circuitry and cutting-edge theories of electronic sound reproduction to build the amplifier that can create the most believable illusion of musical events in front of listeners.

In the course of the decade research, Mr. Jung re-discovered the lost secrets of the legendary Western Electric sound. Not stopping there, he further invented the unprecedented know-how of ultimate precision transformer building and power supplies for audio signal amplification. He also advanced the special skills of cold point-to-point harnessed wiring in electronic audio topology.

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