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Ancient Audio web site (July 2002):

1. Natural Sound

In fiveties was created an idea of "High-Fidelity" of sound reproduction. An reference reproducted sound should be not different to natural. Contemporary equipment with "hi-fi" label makes a lot of sound pressure and spartial effects. It's sound makes a big impression, but is far to be true. It is a "High Effect", not "High Fidelity". The principle of Ancient Audio sound is to keep sound of acoustical, natural instruments as sound reference. Reproducted music by Ancient Audio equipment is still compared to sound of good instruments and voices by designers and musicians. It is only way to created a true "High-Fidelity".

2. Fine, timeless design

An audio equipment is not only a technical device. It plays one or two hours per day, but is visible all time. It has an aesthetic function too. We love an old beautifull cars, cameras, typewriting machines, oil lamps, steam locomotives. Their function was finished, but due to fine design we save it, as a pieces of art. So, Ancient Audio design is a kind of art too - fine and timeless.

3. Build Quality

Today's products are made in low cost technology. They are not very expencive, and their life is short. It is economy press. But time to time we meets old locks, lifts, tools. They are still working, against the economy laws. We are saying: "A good, old craftship". Ancient Audio is created amd manufactured by passion, not by economy. We use the best components, the best technology and traditional materials like metall, wood, glass, marble. All Ancient Audio products are handymade. Due to it, our products will be playing with these same condition during years and years.

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