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  • Technology Centre Easting Close Worthing West Sussex, BN14 8HQ, UK
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Anatek Audio web site (October 16, 2007): The Anatek Audio website is currently offline.

Anatek Audio web site (December 9, 2009): Music lovers all their lives - from Classical to Jazz to Rock - both men have always demanded from their systems that sound be played over and over again without a single note ever fading. More importantly, they know they are not alone in this; superior sound quality is a must for all serious consumers, who consistently want to be placed right there in the moment with the artist.

As electronics engineers for more than 40 years, the pair had acquired considerable experience from both the retail and technical side of the business, and knew from the start their amplifiers had to be more than just a trend, something to be treasured rather than replaced.

The pair looked on as products came and went, surpassed by the next gimmick or must have function, and it was not long before they had a list comprising the enduring qualities they knew their amplifiers simply had to have.

So began a stringent process of design testing to find the perfect circuit that would emit from their amplifiers the first class sound they sought.

Today both men are proud to say they have achieved this. Their revolutionary patented circuit design enables Anatek amplifiers to run in 'Class A' mode without the usual heat penalties, something very rare in the world of audio and a real tribute to the founders' vision and the drive of their dedicated employees.

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