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Ribbon Speakers

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Analysis Audio web site (December 9, 2009):

Innovative and classic

Analysis produces the most elegant loudspeaker type: The full range, magnetostatic membrane loudspeaker. Membrane loudspeakers are famous for their natural, lifelike sounding.

The magnetostatic propulsion at a membrane loudspeaker is creme de la creme¯. It offers undistorted, wide dynamics (what the common electrostatic propulsion can't). Dynamics means: leaf into light air blow, sound as exactly that and an orchestra at crescendo, sounds as nothing less. Almost all of the today membrane loudspeakers are using the inferior electrostatic technique that is cheaper and easier to construct.

Magnetostatic membrane loudspeakers not only use costly materials; they also need very skilled handcrafters to be properly made (no mass production here). Analysis has gone all the way up. It uses unique techniques to produce what we feel it is the best sounding loudspeakers of today (most possibly of tomorrow too).

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