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Ampliofon Audio web site (June 25, 2009): AMPLIFON AUDIO company is a producer of Hi-End class electro-tube amplifiers, constructed to supply wants of the most exacting users. We use our own constructional solutions and the most modern components in order to get the best from the tube-technology. These amazing devices are within your reach!


Ampliofon Audio web site (June 25, 2009): AMPLIFON AUDIO company was found in 1997 on the sufficient grounds of our several years' experience in the audio equipment constructing. Initially we were going to create a small manufacture producing high-quality electron-tube amplifiers for individual clients.

We made our début on the professional audio equipment market in 1997 with the WL36 tube-amplifier. It was a simple amplifier system based on EL34 pentodes in the output stage, which gave forth 36W power in the AB-class. Despite its simple and basic construction, the amplifier proved to be a really good device, due to application of high-quality components. In this model, the tioidal output transformers were used for the first time, which excel in parameres EI transformers used so far. WL36 amplifier was produced till January 2000. In November 1997 we started a mass-production of the WM72 monoblock. This device was the stage of WL36 development with a new input system and doubled output power. Four EL34 electron-tubes in the push-pull system gave forth 70W power with minimal diturbances. Due to application of already tested trioidal output transformer, the monoblocks had excellent sound properties and perfect technical parametres.

In 1998, on the AUDIO SHOW in Warsaw, our first integrated amplifier had its premiére. It was WT30 - the first device based only on triodes in the signal path

At the same time we started a production of the WL70 amplifier, based on the 6550 tubes in the push-pull system with the output power to 65W. The amplifier met with a great success, considering its huge power, compact construction and excellent sound quality. One of the greatest achievements of AMPLIFON AUDIO was the construction of the WM200 monoblock in 1999. Its amazing power of 230W was obtained from 18 electron-tubes (5881) operating in the AB-class.

In the same year, we made the prototype of the WT15SE monoblock. It was constructed on the bases of the 6C33C triodes, working in the single-ended system. The output power of the device was 15W. There was a trioidal transformer used in the monoblock, which co-operated with semi-conductive polarization system.

In June 1999 we sterted a production of re-projected WT30 tube-amplifier. This device very soon met with approbation of many audiophiles and became the best product of our firm. Relatively big power of 30W in the A-class, obtained from the double power triodes 6H13C. Innovatory solutions in construction made the amplifier unfailing and the sound parametres of the device were much better than in other amplifiers manufactured by our company, which were based on the pentodes in the final stage.

Still increasing popularity of the WT30 triode-amplifier, made us work upon a new model of this type, but with the bigger output power. In 2000 a prototype of the WT40 amplifier came into being. It was based on the 6C33C triodes with the output power of 42W in the A-class. We have put all our knowledge and experiences into constructing this model. Our clients' opinions were also very important and taken into consideration. Constructive solutions, used in this amplifier for the first time, made it the one which started a new era of the AMPLIFON AUDIO history. Due to new laser technology, we have initiated a new design line, which will characterize our products from that time on. At the same time, we have also decided not to produce any models based on pentodes.

We have modernized the WT30 amplifier. Current effeciency and the output power have been increased and the appearance has been adapted to our new design line.

In 2002 we adjusted the production of our devices to EU regulations and norms thus significantly increasing the disposal on European audio markets. The great request for relatively cheap amplifiers on the market was a key factor for introducing WL25 amplifier into serial production in autumn 2003. As far as th constuction of this model is concerned, it resembles very much the first model of our company – WL36, mainly by the pentodial output system.

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