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Ribbon Speakers

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Ambience web site (June 2001): According to most Audiophiles, speakers that give the most realistic sound reproduction would have to be Ribbon Speakers. This technology has been around for a long time. With the advent of powerful transistor audio amplifiers, combined with extremely powerful magnets, the ability to produce high levels of sound and clarity in your lounge room, is now affordable and Australian made.

The conventional cone speaker system has been the industry standard for basic audio reproduction; while expensive imported ribbon and electrostatic speakers have been available to the "cost is no object audiophile".

TODAY'S RIBBON HYBRID SPEAKER TECHNOLOGY is brought to you by Tony Moore from his Australian company Ambience Speaker Systems. These speakers have been created for serious listening, for people who enjoy the natural talents of the musician, without the annoying "additions" that most speakers impose on the artist.

They have a beautiful open and accurate mid range and treble, free from hardness, while the dynamic bass section is full and well controlled to frequencies below 40Hz. The sound stage is extremely large and has great depth with excellent detail and clarity. This quality of sound produced from these Ribbon Speakers, bringing the artist to your lounge room, is affordable, and available from our qualified dealers for your listening pleasure. Ambience Speaker Systems have combined woofer and ribbon technology with state of the art electronics to produce a speaker system which is equal to, or exceeds, top American and European ribbon speakers, for a fraction of the cost. Tony Moore (Designer and Manufacturer)

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